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You probably found our website by typing in "seo" on Google, us ranking for this term is proof we know what we are doing


Which Package should I choose?

This all depends on how many pages you want to rank for and how much competition there is in your niche. If its only 1 url with a few keywords and there isnt much competition then the bronze pacakge should be fine, if its a few packages and a lot of competition then a bigger package is better.


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No more messing around with theme files or hunting for the right plugin to place your Paypal code or adjust theme settings. Figero Themes admin panel makes everything so easier and simpler like never before.


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ActThemes is optimized to load super fast, helping to reduce visitor bounce rates. With site load time now being used as a ranking factor, you'll never have to worry about your site getting hit with a Google performance penalty.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term used for a technique which helps your website gain higher rankings on search engines such as Google. Most SEO companies charge a monthly fee as well as tie you up in a long term contract, so even if you arent seeing great results you are stuck with them. While there are many big businesses out there that can afford to pay thousands monthly, there are more small businesses starting out who cant afford getting tied up in a contract and spending thousands monthly. Now dont get me wrong, monthly SEO can deliver amazing results if done right, but so can once off SEO packages depending on the Niche and amount of competition there is.

The great thing about a once off SEO package is you can buy the packages whenever you want, if you purchase one month and see good results and 2 months later your cash flow allows you to purchase the same package or a bigger one then you can continue buying. If after one package you are happy with the results and find no need to purchase again then there is no need to and there will be no contract forcing you to pay again and again.

How is SEO done?

There are many different techniques used when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, the most common one being link building, examples are writing articles and posting them on article sites with a link pointing back to your site, other examples are press releases, social bookmarks etc... Obviously its more complicated than this, you cant just post hundreds of articles on the internet and expect to rank high, certain link building techniques need to be done at certain times in order to achieve the best results possible. Link Building can either be done manually or with programs, using programs is against Googles Terms and Conditions, the reason for this is, using programs to post up links is a lot more effective, if posting manually you can maybe do 10 links in an hour, with the right programs you could do 10000 links, although doing so many links will only get your site penalized. Programs play a big part in a successful SEO campaign, however they have to be used right in order to see good results.

Google is changing everyday and updating their algorithm all the time, as the evolve, certain SEO techniques become less effective while others may become more effective, keeping up to date with the way Google is changing is Vital.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Its very hard to guarantee results as there are so many different factors involved when it comes to ranking a website, we cannot ever guarantee page 1 rankings although a lot of our clients have achieved such high rankings, we do however guarantee you will see at least some ranking increase, if your website sees no positive affect within 2 months from the SEO done then we will refund your money.

Once I achieve high rankings will the rankings stay forever?

This is a question that cant really be answered accurately, some websites can stay ranked high for a very long time with a once off Search Engine Optimization package, however there are also some websites that after a few months or even a year will see their rankings decrease, to help stop this from happening I suggest doing some maintenance SEO every month. Maintenance Search Engine Optimization is cheaper as it requires less work, please see our maintenance package for more information. Usually maintanence SEO is about 70% less SEO than when trying to rank a website.